The MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board (BWB) plays a vital role in addressing employment needs in Berkshire County. We collaborate with industry, education and workforce organizations to design and implement workforce development programs that enhance the skills of both youth and adults in the region. Our focus is on creating pathways for young individuals to access career readiness activities while also catering to the requirements of businesses.

The BWB consists of experienced and influential leaders from the business and community sectors, appointed by the Mayor of Pittsfield to represent the thirty-two communities in Berkshire County. The board not only oversees federally funded employment and training services but also takes on a broader responsibility of addressing important labor market issues and forging strategic partnerships with local leaders in various sectors, including economic development, education, government agencies, chambers of commerce, community organizations, and labor groups.

To develop partnerships, generate resources, and advocate for workforce solutions that result in a skilled workforce, prospering businesses, and equitable access to meaningful career pathways and quality employment for residents and youth.

The MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board’s vision is a thriving, inclusive, and resilient regional economy where businesses, residents and youth have equitable access to workforce development resources and to quality employment opportunities. We envision a better future for people, youth and businesses of Berkshire County through meaningful work and sustainable growth.

As a leader in workforce development, Berkshire Workforce Board is committed to having Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion embedded into the programs and services we offer, reflected in the people we impact and our workplace culture. Our vision of a society where upward economic mobility is possible for all – cannot be accomplished alone, but through the collective efforts and support of our staff, partners, board members and the communities in which we live and serve.

Berkshire Workforce Board helps employers build a competitive advantage by using data-driven, tailored grants designed to maximize impact with a focus on empowering diverse communities to solve their biggest workforce challenges. These programs aim to equip current and future generations with the tools they need to succeed in the marketplace by strategically investing in today’s most pressing workforce needs while creating a more equitable and accessible society. Incumbents and unemployed workers can each access the resources and networks they need to grow their career.

Berkshire Workforce Board creates opportunities for youth and young adults to define an early career trajectory and reach their highest potential. Through a mix of in-person, hybrid, and virtual work experiences, innovative programming, dynamic partnerships, and comprehensive work readiness training, we meet the emerging needs of employers and foster career exploration for participants. Our hands-on career readiness curriculum, combined with tangible outcomes, supports participants in gaining sustainable and fulfilling employment. Since 1992, the BCREB has strived to improve the core competencies and readiness of Berkshire youth (ages 14-21) to be successful workforce contributors. The BCREB prepares youth to be ready for college and careers by integrating career awareness, skills building and work readiness opportunities into school, out-of-school programs and work-based learning opportunities.



Heather Boulger
Heather BoulgerExecutive Director
Heather Shogry-Williams
Heather Shogry-WilliamsYouth Director
Sara Milano
Sara MilanoIndustry Training Consultant
Kat Toomey
Kat ToomeyYouth Program Specialist
Bryana Malloy
Bryana MalloyManager of Industry Relations & Berkshire Market Maker