As Berkshire County continues to move through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Berkshire Workforce Board knows how important it is to understand how our economy is recovering and how our workforce will continue to shift.  To this end we have solicited a report from Chmura regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Berkshire County Industries.

Chmura Economics and Analytics provides labor market data and analysis. They have been hosting webinars since the beginning of pandemic pertaining to the economic impacts of COVID and how those effects differ by the type of region or industry. We have participated in a number of their webinars and were impressed with their insights. Inside the report you will find some useful charts on estimated employment and GDP impact as well as our path to recovery and employment projections moving forward.

We thought it was important to share this report with you and hope that you will find the information useful. If using any of the data, we appreciate you using the Berkshire Workforce Board and Chmura as a source.

Chumra COVID report 6-20