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Department of Economic Research – Tableau economic tools (population, jobs, industry & occupational projections, & key stats).

Department of Economic Research Equity Dashboards – Explore & compare economic information using interactive data dashboards from the Department of Economic Research.

In collaboration with Emsi, the Berkshire Workforce Board has generated the following key economic tools:

Preparing for the Future of Work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts “explores what work could look like in both the near term (to 2025) and the longer term (to 2030). It explores what the implications might be for the Commonwealth and its residents across its regions, economic sectors, commercial centers, local downtowns, transportation, and public spaces.”

Berkshire County WDA Unemployment Insurance Claimants Report

Berkshire Workforce Board’s Chmura Berkshire COVID-19 Industry Impact Report June 2020

The Berkshire Workforce Board knows how important it is to understand how our economy is recovering and how our workforce will continue to shift. To this end, we solicited a report from Chmura regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Berkshire County Industries in July 2020. To understand how the long-term affects of COVID-19 changed have changed the original outlook, we also issued an update to the original report in March 2021.

Original Chmura COVID-19 Report: June 2020

We hope that you will find the information in these reports useful. If using any of the data, we appreciate you using the Berkshire Workforce Board and Chmura as a source.

Berkshire Workforce Blueprint Information

The State of Non-profit Organizations in Berkshire County

Center for Creative Community Development’s state of non-profit organizations in Berkshire County prepared for the Berkshire County Chamber of Commerce and the Berkshire County Regional Employment Board in 2012 by Kay Oehler and Stephen C. Sheppard is a comprehensive overview of how nonprofits effect our local economy and their crucial role in community development.

Click here to read and download the guide.

Workforce Fact Sheets

April 2021 – Dashboard 4-21