Initiated under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIB) were required to create a youth council, a standing sub-committee of the LWIB. These members bring the expertise of those they represent to the planning process dedicated to the development and implementation of a coherent, comprehensive youth policy, and to foster best practices in serving youth.

The MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board  has formed a working youth council that is comprised of educational, social service and business community representatives as well as the Workforce Board and Career Center staff and parents and participants seeking assistance. The youth council meets on a bimonthly basis.


* (Berkshire Workforce Board Members)

Doug Mcnally* (Frost Hollow Associates) – Chairman

Dustin Burdette (Berkshire Health Systems)

William Ballen (Berkshire Readiness Center)

Bonny DiTomasso* (Elder Services)

Kathleen Phillips (Elder Services)

Vincent Marinaro (Community Volunteer)

Rebecca Recker* (Unistress)

Rebecca Ringer (Pittsfield Adult Learning Center)

Kathy Yon (Pittsfield School Committee)

Bryan House* (Berkshire District Attorney’s Office)

Heather Boulger (MHBWB staff), Heather Shogry -Williams (MHBWB staff) & Kathleen Toomey (MHBWB staff)

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