2022-2026 Strategic Plan

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Mission Statement:

 To develop partnerships, generate resources, and advocate for workforce solutions that result in a skilled workforce, prospering businesses, and equitable access to meaningful career pathways and quality employment for residents and youth.

Vision statement: Our vision is a thriving, inclusive, and resilient regional economy where businesses, residents and youth have equitable access to workforce development resources and to quality employment opportunities. We envision a better future for people, youth and businesses of Berkshire County through meaningful work and sustainable growth.

Diversity statement: As a leader in workforce development, Berkshire Workforce Board is committed to having Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion embedded into the programs and services we offer, reflected in the people we impact and our workplace culture. Our vision of a society where upward economic mobility is possible for all – cannot be accomplished alone, but through the collective efforts and support of our staff, partners, board members and the communities in which we live and serve.

Industry & Occupational Strategies: Berkshire Workforce Board helps employers build a competitive advantage by using data-driven, tailored grants designed to maximize impact with a focus on empowering diverse communities to solve their biggest workforce challenges. These programs aim to equip current and future generations with the tools they need to succeed in the marketplace by strategically investing in today’s most pressing workforce needs while creating a more equitable and accessible society. Incumbents and unemployed workers can each access the resources and networks they need to grow their career.

Youth Advancement Strategies: Berkshire Workforce Board creates opportunities for youth and young adults to define an early career trajectory and reach their highest potential. Through a mix of in-person, hybrid, and virtual work experiences, innovative programming, dynamic partnerships, and comprehensive work readiness training, we meet the emerging needs of employers and foster career exploration for participants. Our hands-on career readiness curriculum, combined with tangible outcomes, supports participants in gaining sustainable and fulfilling employment. Since 1992, the BCREB has strived to improve the core competencies and readiness of Berkshire youth (ages 14-21) to be successful workforce contributors. The BCREB prepares youth to be ready for college and careers by integrating career awareness, skills building and work readiness opportunities into school, out-of-school programs and work-based learning opportunities.

Workforce development is our business. The BCREB helps bridge the skills gap between labor market needs and the workforce through coordination of resources/services. We identify the gaps between employer needs in priority occupations and the supply of workers, and work to increase the capacity for adult literacy programs and career centers. The BCREB has a strong sector-based approach for addressing labor force challenges in the region and has received both state and federal recognition for our efforts. Since 2000, the BCREB has also chartered and overseen MassHire Berkshire Career Center (formerly known as BerkshireWorks) which assist the 32 Berkshire Communities.

In 2009 the BCREB was designated as a High Performing Workforce Board – a process that involved documenting systems and procedures that ensure effective leadership and service to companies and job seekers in the region, development of strong partnerships, creativity in solutions to complex workforce problems, and accountability over public resources.

Goal 1 – To be the recognized catalyst for innovative workforce development and Labor Market Resource in Berkshire County

Goal 2 – To improve core competencies and readiness of youth

Goal 3 – Align skills gap between labor market needs and the workforce

Goal 4 – To ensure continued success through evaluation and adherence to mandates

Goal 5 – Road to reemployment and recovery – Strategy for employers, career changers, job seekers and youth

Berkshire WIOA Plan – FY2023 -Available for public comment

The MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board (BWB), in partnership with our Chief Elected Official, Mayor Linda Tyer of Pittsfield, is required to prepare a Fiscal Year 2023 Workforce Development Business Plan for Berkshire County for submission to the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. This planning document articulates the region’s priorities and workforce development strategies and revisits the broad scope of how the Workforce Investment Act system will be coordinated with other systems providing employment and training services to improve services for both job seekers and employers.

Click here for the FY23 Executive Summary: Exec Summary FY23

Public comments will be accepted through 7/17/2022 by emailing Heather@MassHireBerkshire.com. Thank you.

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